30 Day Transformation Challenge To Lose Weight

You Get 30 Daily Challenges

Plus Constant Feedback
From Lean Buddy Expert

Weight Loss

Lean Buddy At Home Transformation Challenge yourself to you over 10-15 pounds in the next 30 days

We send you daily activities for the next 30 days by email.
You will be able to get In Shape Quickly For This Summer  just in time
before summer rolls around.

You follow along and the using our very special Lean Buddy iphone and android app. We look at your results and provide you with
daily feedback directly on the app.

Our fitness coaches hold you accountable and you us to get you into
the best shape of your life in the next 30 days.

This program is designed in such a way that it will work irrespective of
your fitness level.

Whether you are just getting started or already on a weight loss routine
this contest can help you shred those extra pounds just in time for

Every day and every week you report back to us on your progress through the 30 days with the touch of one button. Once the 30 days are up you will have a simple system for life to keep you in the best shape possible.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are some success stories.
You can see me in the first one and my clients

Here Are what Ordinary People on Facebook Are Saying About The Lean Buddy App

Here’s the comments back directly from our clients during their 30 day transformation challenge. These are people just like you who have limited time but stepped up to the challenge. If you want you can every single one of these real live clients on facebook. Send them a message and ask them for yourself their experience using the 30 day lean buddy challenge

  Here are Other Results After Using Lean Buddy

“I started Lean Buddy Transformation and Now When People See Me Its a "WOW" Moment."

- Patricia Pilla


“I started Lean Buddy Transformation and my bodyfat has gone down from 14% to 9% in 5 weeks."

- Barbie Jean


“I started Lean Buddy Transformation and i gained 23lbs of muscle and went down to 5% body fat."

- Julie


“I started Lean Buddy Transformation and i lost 106 lbs and i am in best shape of my life."

- Alisha Trehani

YOU Will See Results In First Week

After only after the first 4 days in the transformation challenge here are the results our Lean Buddy clients we reporting back on the App. Again results in 4 days  and they still had 27 days more to go.

You will be reporting back your awesome results the same way to us.


Lean Buddy Is the Easiest Way To Lose Weight  as you do not feel like you are on a diet that always going to leave you hungry.
Our secret lies in getting real experts to help you each day.

Here Is What Is Going To Happen Next Once You Sign Up 

Lean Buddy Transfromation Team will email you EVERY DAY, for the next 30 days.

These challenges are easy and are going to BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF.

BUT I gotta tell you. Our Trainers WON’T be stroking your ego and telling you what you WANT to hear, they will be telling you what you NEED to hear.

However, they will be talking you through the stuff that WORKED for us and worked for the hundreds of people we have helped Transform over the years.

All we ask is that you read EVERY EMAIL and TAKE ACTION on what we teaching/saying & asking.

THE RESULT: You’ll become better each day of this 30 day journey. As you become better you’ll not only improve your body but your mind as well…

We not kidding about your personal transformation you about to experience.

So this entire program is going to work through daily emails and a fitness app that we are going to show you how to use. The end result is a better YOU! If we improve ourselves 1% each day then in one year we will become 365% BETTER!

But here is the good news. I am only asking for your commitment for 30 days. That’s all.

Our lean buddy transformation app will be with you on your phone. We there to help you as you go about your day to make sure you don’t fail. Our coaches will connect with you through this period so you never have to worry about getting off track and not meeting your weight loss goals

It Is For 30 Days.

Now I have a really serious question for you.

Ask Yourself, How Would You LOOK If You Lost The Weight You Really Wanted to lose?

Think about the answer. Just take a few moments to visualize it.

Message To One Of Our Coaches

" I have Firm Body All Year Round !"

"AJ, Thanks for the guidance to helping me achieve this...My modelling career requires me to stay in shape all year round...Nothing gets more photoshoots than having a firm body all year round!"

Brittney Wozniacki
Swimsuit and Lingerie Model

" I lost 23% of the body fat and achieved Bikini Body in only a few months"

When I first started with AJ i was a depressing 475 body fat! i said to myself "WOW", i didnt even realize thathalf of my body contained fat. as to weight..let's not even go there. A women will NEVER tell you her true weight anyway,LOL. His workouts are unlike any other, and slowly at my pace broguth me beyond a level i ever imagined i would obtain. He helped me stay focused and motivated even at my weakest times. Within the first month, i noticed a change in the way my clothing fit, and the way i looked in the mirror.

After 5 months, i dropped down to 24% body fat. i was thrilled with
my results!! not only was he skilled in exactly how to decrease my
body fat in such a short period of time, i also found that my muscles has toned to an exceptional level. Incase you didnt know that is the hardest thing to do!

What can i say...i now feel amazing in this new body and feel the comfort i once has being in my own skin. I am full of excitement,
energy and beyond happy with my results.

I couldnt have done this without AJ. I highly recommend him on every possible level you dont get a nice ass by sitting on it! you too can have same results!!

Christina Kaps
RN at Long Island Jewish Hospital
Forrest Hills, Newyork

We Have Limited Spaces So Act Now

We only have a few professional coaches. In order to give people the maxiumum benefit we can only take a hand full of people and we will close the deal. Please act now. 

Let lean buddy be your friend and coach you through transforming your body

Your Coach

Team Lean Buddy

30 Day Transformation Challenge

PS Sign Up Now as we have limited trainers and slots available